Selecting a wedding planner is always hard. Our decision to trust our magical day to Michelle proved to be the best choice we could ever make. Her professionalism is only equal to her attention for details. She seamlessly organized the first gay wedding at Trump Hotel with over forty out-of-country guests and two rampant white terriers in the mix. I highly recommend her for any event. As a true anecdote, during our wedding, my demanding brother whispered into my ear "I have been to a lot of weddings. This is the first time I have seen a wedding coordinator actually coordinating anything. That woman is truly on top of her game."

Alain Villeneuve & Kai Lo

Paul and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Michelle. She made our wedding day incredible. Michelle was by my side every moment. She organized every detail with elegance, creativity, and expertise. So many people have told us that our wedding was the most beautiful wedding they have ever attended. Simply stunning, from the decor to the exceptional food, and incredible ceremony. The night was magical, filled with immense joy, beauty, and happiness. Thank you Michelle for making our wedding everything we imagined and more. It was the very best day of our life.

​Rachel & Paul Pomerleau

We thank Michelle for truly making our wedding the best experience of our lives. Michelle's planning and organization is to be admired. I would consider myself an efficient planner, however Michelle's attention to detail is above and beyond. There were so many small details that I would have overlooked if it were not for Michelle. We were able to enjoy our special day because Michelle took care of the timeline, managing the groomsmen, dinner service execution, transportation, and the list goes on.

I received endless compliments on her professionalism and expertise of the Chicagoland area. It was so refreshing to have someone with such a fabulous personality help me along the way. Her presence was always cherished throughout the process and still to this day, I consider her a friend. Thank you Michelle for making our wedding so incredibly perfect!

Jen & Peter Weitz

 Michelle has an unparalleled attention to detail, and we had every confidence entrusting her with the complete organization of our wedding. I sought her advice on several wedding planning details, and she was always quick to reply and thorough. She kept us all on schedule in the most polite, kind, and professional manner. My husband and I have dynamic families – all with very distinct personalities. My brother was marrying us, and was worried about the logistics of the ceremony. Michelle was phenomenal in reassuring everyone, and created serenity for all involved. Even all of my bridesmaids commented on how amazing and prepared Michelle was – at one point the flower for my hair piece needed adjustments and there she was with super glue at the ready. Her calm demeanor afforded us the opportunity to feel at ease pre, during, and post-wedding. 

In reflecting on our wedding, what we will remember most is how Michelle helped us feel confident during a day that is often filled with stress. It is clear this is more than just a job for Michelle. She is diligent, patient, and so thoughtful. I know she truly cared about our day being exactly what we envisioned. Thank you Michelle for making our magical wedding day better than we could have ever imagined!

​Tyler & Travis Hodgson

We were extremely fortunate to work with Michelle in preparation for our wedding. In fact, it's hard to imagine what our wedding would have been if not for Michelle's exceptional coordination. Her attention to detail, calm personality and unique ability to interpret our wants and bring them to fruition were truly remarkable. Michelle's uncanny ability to identify and address potential issues long before they occur enabled us, and our families, to fully enjoy our wedding day.

As people who are best described as "perfectionists", it was such a relief to work with someone who left nothing to chance. Only in the days after the wedding, as we reflected back on the beautiful setup of the venue, the impeccable timing and execution of the ceremony and our surprising lack of stress, did we fully realize the impact that Michelle had on the most important day of our lives. We will be forever grateful to Michelle for making our wedding better than we ever thought possible. 

Brittany & Eli Bielasiak

Will and I were so lucky to have met and had the chance to work with Michelle for the planning of our wedding weekend.  In looking for an events specialist, we were very excited and blessed to have someone who took the time to get to know us, really understand what we were wanting for our rehearsal, ceremony and reception and gave 110% to make sure us and our guest had the most magical experience of our lives.  Will and I had a very diverse wedding party from all over the globe, as well as, vendors from different parts of the country.  Michelle’s attention to detail and ability to organize all of the players was nothing less than impressive.  It was very clear to us early on in the process that she is highly regarded and well respected by her peers in the Chicago industry and their confidence in her ability was seen in every session and planning meeting that we had.

Will and I both had very high expectations of what our wedding day would finally be after the 19 year journey to achieve it.  Michelle and her team’s guidance, support and coordination made it an event that we and our guests will never forget. We highly recommend Personalized Events by Michelle and know your event will be just as spectacular and meaningful as ours was.

William & Todd Bercik